How will we get on?

In the following we’d like to give you a light-hearted insight into our culture and everyday working life. We are looking for independent and reliable employees for our team, although not every company is suited to every motivated applicant. Why not just give it a try and see how well our mutual expectations fit! Please read all answers before you decide.


With over 2.000 employees and 7 million customers, the Berlin-based MYTOYS GROUP is one of the leading e-commerce businesses in Germany and is also a member of the Otto Group. Our multi-shop concept focuses on in-house solutions and developments in all areas – starting with IT and ranging to purchasing, marketing, customer services, through to our normal business functions.

Facts & Figures

Our IT

As one of the largest e-commerce businesses in Germany, we rely on a strong IT system. Our five IT departments with over 150 employees work with great dedication and professionalism for the MYTOYS GROUP to make sure that we are able to work properly – and above all well – every single day. Working with elaborate and state of the art technology, they complete exciting projects with diverse tasks. In 2016 we also successfully launched our new TechLab in Madrid.

More information about our IT department and our tech-team you can find on our LinkedIn-Tech-Page.

Shop development

In order to create a pleasant and relaxed shopping experience for our customers when using our online shop, our IT team works with modern, functional and above all flexible systems, with Java and the respective frameworks forming the foundation.

ERP development

We use our central ERP system to support almost all our business processes. In close cooperation with the business departments, our application developers work on developing and optimising the system. In doing so, they demonstrate not just profound technical expertise, but also a comprehensive understanding of the business processes. Our project teams, which are made up of the individual business departments and developers, work on creating technical concepts based on the business requirements of our work and implement them in our ERP system. Our application developers are also responsible for providing expert advice and competent training for our employees.


Our Operations team installs and operates the internal servers, applications and databases. The scope ranges from configuring networks, installing servers and software systems as well as providing telecommunications systems and databases. The team works closely with the other IT departments to ensure a stable technical infrastructure; without good hardware, even the best software cannot function efficiently.

Our central help desk is the first point of contact for any questions our employees may have. Whether by phone or via the central ticketing system: our specialists are able to tackle many questions at First Level Support and provide an interface to the administration and development teams.

Data Warehouse

All our systems generate vast quantities of data, which our Data Warehouse specialists use to create analyses and strategic reports. They are the experts when it comes to collecting, analysing and reporting data.

All business departments use the analysed data as a basis for making strategic decisions and for operational planning, such as purchasing volumes, staffing schedules or logistical planning processes.

Requirements and Quality Management

Our Requirements Management department mediates between the IT, business and project management. They contribute to the projects’ success with professional requirements engineering – both business and technical. They assist with business issues helping to build best IT support, and provide the IT teams with business insights. The professional approach to raise the requirements and coordinating the involved teams is their focus.

Our Quality Assurance team reviews new developments and changes to the systems with the business departments. They assist business running tests and use a coaching approach to raise developers’ awareness for quality. This ensures that our claims to quality and compliance to operational and development standards are guaranteed.

Traineeships and dual education programmes

Are you looking to take part in a training or dual education programme? As well as commercial and technical training jobs and dual study programmes at our head office in Berlin, we also offer commercial and technical training jobs at our logistics site in Gernsheim as well as in our other branches. Whether you are a trainee or student – at MYTOYS GROUP you will be integrated into the teams from the start and will become familiar with our day-to-day operations. As well as regular discussion and feedback sessions between the trainees and students, you will also have a mentor at your side throughout the entire training and study programme. Over the three years of your training or studies programme at the MYTOYS GROUP you will get to work in many different areas of the business, giving you a comprehensive insight into the areas of activity of your future profession.

Technical &
commercial professions

Are you skilled in computers and networks? Or are you interested in logistics and the processes behind it? Then we have the right technical/commercial career for you!

  • IT specialist for system integration*, Berlin
  • IT specialist for applications development*, Berlin
  • Technician for warehouse logistics*, Gernsheim
  • Electronic engineer for operations technology*, Gernsheim
  • Mathematical technical software developer*, Berlin
  • Mechatronics engineering*, Gernsheim
  • Bachelor of Science* – Business Informatics, Berlin
* We expressly state that we kindly welcome all prospective candidates, regardless of sex, nationality, ethnicity, religion, belief, disability, age or sexual identity.
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Commercial &
creative professions

Are you interested in business-related matters, do you enjoy juggling numbers and are you well organised? Or do you have an eye for visual design and a feel for colours? Then you are well suited to the commercial and creative aspects of our business. MYTOYS GROUP has a diverse range of career opportunities to offer:

  • Marketing communications specialist*, Berlin
  • Wholesaling and export staff*, Berlin
  • Retail staff*, Germany
  • Ecommerce staff*, Berlin
  • Bachelor of Arts* – Business/Commerce Studies, Berlin
* We expressly state that we kindly welcome all prospective candidates, regardless of sex, nationality, ethnicity, religion, belief, disability, age or sexual identity.
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Our applications process


Upload the online application via the career portal for registration in the application database.


Review by the recruitment team. Video interview as a first step to get to know each other.


Invitation to an (virtual) interview with members of the business department and a recruiter.


Individual department training and invitation to our (digital) Welcome Day.


Job offer and signing of the contract: Welcome to the MYTOYS GROUP!


Optional: second interview for working on a business related task or meeting the team.

Tips for your application

Your documents
  • CV listing or social-login Profile (LinkedIn/Xing) with the main activities of all previous employment and education
  • Instead of a cover letter we ask you to answer some questions integrated into the application form, e.g. including your motivation, salary expectations and earliest possible start date
  • Complete references (school and higher education certificates incl. performance overviews, employment references, work placement references, etc.)
  • Upload all documents, preferably as one single file (pdf, rtf, docx, doc)
  • Samples of work and texts (for creative careers)

You have all your documents together? We are looking forward to your application!

Online application

Please use our online form. We will send you confirmation of receipt by email once you have sent your application.

Did you not find what you were looking for in our job offers? Please use our job alert function, which saves your search request and you will be immediately notified when a suitable opening becomes available.

Convince us

Whether you have a video interview or a personal meeting – this is your chance to convince us that we need you on our team. Just be yourself – ties and smart collars aren’t important – we want to see your true personality.

What do you associate with the MYTOYS GROUP? What strengths do you have to offer? How can we succeed together? Why are we a particularly good match? Let’s find out!

Although we work on a first-name basis, we make the conscious decision to use the polite form of address when talking to you. We believe it’s important to keep a respectful distance from you and from our business partners. If we sign an employment contract, we will gladly extend our wish to use our first names and give you a warm welcome into the MYTOYS GROUP. Apply now!

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